With a 6-year academic course, this faculty prepares students for the MD Stomatology degree, which is a master's degree. educates The first five years of the academic course are practical and theoretical courses, and the last year is the sixth year of internship. In addition to well-equipped classrooms, an updated curriculum, a library, laptop computer and professionally trained professors, this faculty has a standard and well-equipped teaching clinic that provides practical and It carries out all the cycles of the internship course under the supervision and guidance of experienced experts and professors. The curriculum of this faculty is open in the morning.

Faculty of stomatology

Monthly 6000 Afghani, semester 30000 Afghani

(42% discount on semester fee and internal fee)

Monthly fee is 3500 afghan, semester is 17500 afghan

3500 afghan admission fee once during the academic period

Admission requirements

Having a twelfth grade graduation certificate, according to the approval of competent authorities

 Success in the entrance examination of the institute

 Having a general average of 80% is also a condition for the 14th grade graduates to join the third semester